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December 23, 2007



it's awesome that you can feel that way. :) I want to go clubbing all alone sometime (except that I don't know where to go -- have any hints?). I've always wanted to feel the way you say you feel, but the closest I've ever come was one Friday night at the Dahn Yoga place, where they turn down the lights and tell people to make whatever movements they feel like. And that one time did tempt me to try it again at home, though I think I never did.

(In front of people who know me, I want choreography. Very reassuring stuff, it is.)


Yes, it is awesome. Now to feel that way all the time... :P

I've found that the dark in general is key to letting go. I enjoy running in the dark too, I find it so energizing. Odd, I know. As for clubbing alone, hmm. I hesitate to make a recommendation, I like really crowded places (well, not so crowded you can't move, but crowded enough that there are more people dancing than watching), and the problem with going to one of those by yourself is the various waiting times and breaks where it might not be so great to be by yourself. The last two places I went were Venu (definitely not a "by yourself" place) and Gypsy Bar (maybe ok).

We can always do a private dance party in your living room too. :)

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